“At Replete, all our resources are invested into building a system that delivers the best rewards for our creators.”

At Replete Music Publishing, we have the interests of music creators at heart. Our mission is to widen the audience, revenue streams and platforms available to our creators by exploring and expanding the reach of their catalogue both locally and internationally. Our strategic administration deal with Kobalt Music Publishing (the number one independent publishing company in the world, with a catalogue of over 600,000 songs) helps us take our creators’ contents to the ears of the world and recoup all monetary benefits due to them across all spheres of digital and traditional media.    

Our Partners

We are administered by Kobalt Music Group, a leading technology-powered music services company, offering end-to-end solutions for over 50,000 artists and songwriters and 800 labels and publishing companies. Through our affiliation with Kobalt technology and services, creators will benefit from more money, better reporting, and maintain ownership and control over how their work is distributed, tracked, collected, and monetized. They are currently representing some of the world’s greatest artists, with a catalogue of more than 40% of the top 100 songs and albums in the U.S. and U.K. Our other partners include COSON, ASCAP, SAMRO and others. Together, we are coordinating efforts to ensure that creators’ best interests are kept at the fore of all our activities across the globe.


Our team is dedicated to finding the best opportunities for your music anywhere and everywhere, widening your network and increasing your audience across the globe.

Replete Music Publishing’s administration services utilize a worldwide network of local creative and admin teams, giving its clients both global reach and the personal touch. Our songwriters and their representatives are able to obtain administrative support directly from local admin staff, all of whom are experts in their field, have a passion for the music they represent and are able to utilize their close relationships with the relevant societies and their colleagues around the world to accurately register songs and collect royalties.

With our network and industry relationships, we are coordinating all our efforts with international experts to protect your music rights and administer them at the highest standards. Also, we recoup all benefits due to you in a very short time.

Our team is dedicated to finding co-writing opportunities for our signed songwriters all around the world as well as providing opportunities for our song writers to meet with and write for the popular recording artists.

Amy Oraefo


Kayode Okuneye

Publishing Administrator & Royalty Co0rdinator

Oluwaseyi Lawal

General Manager

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